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Good Nyborg

from The Life Star by The Kolour Kult



Let's get crazy
It's a good place to be
It's gonna be a hell of a trip
I think, um, I think I'm early
Oh, man
Take a breather
C'mon kids
Take a little breath, baby
Another round, on me!
Hey, hey, excuse me could you use an ashtray?
Oh, don't worry
I think I got my second wind
I think I can do a little bit more
He's gonna bubble it up!
Would you like a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?
He's gonna bubble it up!
He likes to bubble it up!
C'mon HUX
Oh, so there
We gotta put this shit back together baby
In your dreams, dweeb
I'm just gonna warm up
Well, I've never done a drug in my life
Next one's on Marty!
Just to have 'em
You're on time

I know where to come in!
It sounds amazing in here
That guy's got a bodacious bod
Ooo my pussy is quakin' baby!
Miss, we'd rather you did that in the airlock outside
There's too much going on
Uh, I don't know anyone at this party
I think I left my wallet at home, I'm so sorry
Go outside in the airlock and do that
Stuff it, pinhead
Not that old chestnut
Do whatever you want in the airlock
Ugh, whatever
Just do whatever you want
Hey Mr. Owl
How many licks does it take to get to the center of that Tootsie Pop?
One more
Are you in the industry?
Would you like me to take that?
No, that's the same thing
Take it all?
Are YOU in the industry?
Those are great
I lost everything
Oh, an accident
Hey, my eyes are up here buddy!

Oh shit
That is the third drink you've knocked over this evening, butterfingers
We're just getting started!
I need to get way higher than this baby
We're only halfway there
You lot are rowdy
You lot are lairy
Oh snap!
You lot are rambunctious
You lot are naughty
Sort of
Give me back my scrunchy
What a fucking awesome experience
That's MY scrunchy!
Behave yourselves
And drunk all that good tequila wine baby
It's too advanced
Yeah, it's off
Can I get a lemon wedge with that shot of tequila please?
Oh gosh
No, no, you go ahead
It's the one on the right, buddy
Tea, Earl Grey, hot, for you
Ain't nothin' like a saxophone, right?

Oh my god it's Updog!
So after...
We're gonna make it up to the Upper East Side baby
You guys are a big group
Break it down!
Break it down!
Slay the game
Updog, you promised me a ride on your spaceship
Give it to 'em!
Aw, man
Not bad
Oh, we got bottle service
Don't worry about that
I'll clean that up
Do more drugs, kids!
What a hunk

Have you finished?
We're going to Hollywood baby
Oh my god!
I love LA
What the fuck?


from The Life Star, released September 9, 2023
Written by Jack Prime, Martin van Etten, Toby Goodshank, Griffin Garnett, Janel Sellers, Don Meehleis, Catherine Schier, Olimpia Valli Fassi Soheve, and Thom Huxtable

Guitar by Don Meehleis
Saxophone by Manuel Trabucco


all rights reserved



The Kolour Kult Brooklyn, New York

Music that you feel like you’ve heard but also have never heard.

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